How do I request a size or style you do not offer?




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    Allison H.

    I need a 32I bra. I would love to see it in the full-coverage style. Don't forget that many girls naturally have a large cup size with a small band size.

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    Ann Nunes

    I need 34E size /unlined... what style is that?? so I can preview.

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    Isa Burke (Edited )

    I'd like to request everyday bras in size 36G and/or 36H, please!

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    Mary Sprague

    Via Thirdlove found that I was a 36A - not a 34B. Perhaps explains years of misery. I hate underwire as well. Do you think classic sport bra would be comfortable if the backsize was corrected to my size?


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    Clauds Gambra

    Hi, do you offer 32B in the strapless style? I would like to get a notification but there is no option for that size. Thank you!

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    Kate Tully

    Hi guys! Strapless in the smaller band sizes please!


    Kate xx

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    marie leahy

    Will you be carrying minimizers?

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    Monica Lee

    32D full coverage
    Preferably nude
    Also moderate padding would be great on the tshirt bras

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    Crotchless Yoga Pants

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  I am a 48 or 50 C and I literally do not own one actual bra that is comfortable. I have tried all the sizes between 44DDD and 52DDD and none of them work.  There are so many plus-size women -- especially those with band sizes above a 42 or 44 -- and so few retailers who make bras to fit them!  I would pay $100+ for a bra that fit correctly and actually lifted and separated (or divided and conquered).  Shopping for bras makes me feel ugly and horrible. I just want something that fits my body.  I would be willing to send you any photos/measurements/anything you wanted. I would not care if you literally showed them to every venture capitalist on the planet.  If I could find a bra to make me feel good about my boobs, it would all be worth it. 

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    Laura Ellyson

    30B is a better fit than most 32A's I've picked up in stores through the years (probably the cause of my back pain), but I think I need a 28C especially in the strapless and t-shirt styles (facing cup bulging, band slipping on tightest hook, and compensating by tightening the straps more). You used to carry the 30B in stock in all colors and styles, along with 28C in some styles (t-shirt), but now I'm faced with having to locate a different company with the prolonged waiting for notification on restocking my size (requested back in late January 2018). The one try before buying 30B t-shirt I bought in early August is wearing out and unfortunately is black (all other colors were out of stock then) so I can't wear it with pale spring colors and strapless tops. I'd love to be able to purchase nude 28C styles from you instead of going through the hassle of locating another company that specializes in small band sizes. 

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