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    Heather Cicchiello Wright

    It has been quite a while since I first purchased a bra from you. I was so excited to try your bras after reading the reviews, as well as your marketing, and thought that maybe I had finally found the perfect bra. I hate bras because I can never find one that fits right, despite having been measured at department stores and having trained people help me try to find the exact right fit. I was hopefully optimistic when I decided to give third love a try. I ordered the 24 seven full coverage bra in nude and couldn’t wait to try it on when it arrived. Within just a few hours of wearing it, I was completely let down and disappointed. Although I had mentioned that under boob was a problem with past bras, this bra was recommended and within moments I felt my self slipping out from underneath the cups. The other major issue with this bra is that the adjustable straps do not stay put. I will make them tight when I put on the bra and within an hour, both straps have completely moved to the loosest setting. I literally have to readjust my breasts in the bra about every 15 minutes and for that reason quickly put it away into a drawer after buying it. About a week ago, I needed a different bra to wear, as the one I had been wearing was giving out. I decided to give your bra try again and I have to say that I have Been so disappointed for a second time, that I decided to write and let you know. I absolutely hate this bra and feel extremely disappointed that your promises did not turn out. I did not return it in a timely manner so I’m sure that I cannot get an exchange or return at this time, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to let you know my issues. Thank you.

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